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NIT ROURKELA STUDENTS' STARTUP "" , India’s highest paying cashback site was launched on March,2016 .We just don’t call ourselves as the highest paying cashback site , but we do give our users about 95% of the cashback amount that we get from our partnered sites. And this is what our tagline “WHERE EVERY ₹ MATTERS” also means i.e we promise to pay our users for every penny they spend on our partnered sites. At present we are partnered with 100+ sites and the number is increasing daily. We just keep upto 5% of the cashback amount for our maintenance purpose of which we are going to 2% to orphanage. Nevertheless we will charge you for transferring your cashback amount into real money like what other cashback and coupons sites used to do and, in fact we will pay you more in certain withdrawal methods.

           So ,we promise to give you the best service ever possible. And we wish you a happy shopping at your favorite eCommerce sites and do enjoy our amazing cashback and coupons.


The very first question revolving around your mind is why should we use “” . Ok for that we want to say that we are the first cashback site of INDIA which offers:-

i)AUTO-CREDITING cashback features*-(Users cashback will be credited to them automatically once it is confirmed i.e. after 1-8 weeks of purchase)

ii)NO minimum redemption** , MULTIPLE redemption option , NO processing fees and many more…

iii)No coupons will be hidden from you and with a single click you will find all the active coupons of an e-commerce sites.

iv)The HIGHEST cashback paying site among all cashback and coupon sites.

v)And many more…

*Auto crediting will be done if cashback in your wallet is more than INR 50.

**In case of bank withdrawal minimum redemption is INR 50.


NO , not at all . Let we explain you the complete procedure:-  

Suppose Mr.X want to buy a t-shirt from say of Rs.500. So, in that case:-

CASE I:-He may directly visit and buy it and for this he will not get any cashback .

CASE II:-He visits and buy as usual from after being redirected from our site . So , for his purchase we will get a certain percentage as commission from that site .And we just share a part of that commission with you.

Still have doubt??? Then mail us at:-(contact us)